All Nations Series DVDs Distribution Policy and Terms

Download PDF Agreement Form

In using the All Nations Series DVDs you agree to follow the Distribution Policy and Terms. For orders of 400 DVDs or more, an Agreement Form must be signed and submitted.

  1. You may not sell, rent, lease, loan, barter, broadcast, or otherwise make any commercial use of any DVD or any of the films. Your use is strictly limited to non-commercial, personal, ministerial use only.
  2. People who receive the DVDs for their own use (“Recipients”) must restrict their use to non-commercial, personal use only.
  3. Your distribution of the DVDs must be culturally sensitive and authentic to immigrants.
  4. Generally, you are to personally distribute these DVDs to recipients willing to receive them; you may not distribute these DVDs by mass mailing to people who identify with a non Christian religion.
  5. If you distribute or repackage these DVDs with other materials, you must clearly indicate which film is contained in the package and include the proper copyright notices.
  6. One (1) DVD may be mailed to persons that request a DVD.
  7. If an individual’s request for a DVD is a direct result of his or her encounter with the DVD through the mass media (radio, TV, internet, newspaper, and so on), then you may request a gift/payment from the individual to cover shipping and handling.
  8. You may attach your contact information to the back of the DVD as long as it only covers the printed contact information on the back of the DVD sleeve.
  9. When you give the DVDs to individuals Recipients or to other individuals or ministries to distribute (“Distributors’), you must also provide a copy of the Agreement.
  10. Distributors must abide by the Terms and Conditions of Distribution. Any third party receiving more than 500 DVDs must sign the agreement located at
  11. If you receive requests from people living outside your country, you may send a small quantity of DVDs. However, you may not export DVDs labeled “All Nations” for ministry outreaches outside your country, without specific written permission from the director of the Power to Change Resource Centre.
  12. Your right to distribute the DVDs will be terminated and you will be prevented from obtaining and using DVD products in the future if: you violate any term in the Agreement, or if you discredit, dishonor, adversely reflect upon, or in any manner injures the reputation of PCon or the JFP; or otherwise frustrate our purpose of helping immigrants in the United States and Canada, without specific ethnic or religious focus, understand the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  13. Upon termination of the Agreement, you must cease all use of and give up the possession and control of the Film or the DVD.
  14. You are responsible to maintain product quality, bear the cost of distribution, and strategically administer and strategize the distribution.